Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bonnaroo 2012

Our blog is so much cooler than you, we already went ahead and broke down the lineup into lists based on the only relevant criteria--our own opinion.

Contemp "Classics"
Beach Boys

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Bon Iver, "Yeah, won me some Grammys y'all"--not an actual quote.

         New Wave New Age

             Bon Iver

                           Childish Gambino

CG: The list up there..actually all of it, I agree with. (once again, not a real quote)
Personal Faves

         Mac Miller

    Foster the People

Under the Radar                                                                                             Outside Recommendations

Young the Giant                                                                                                                     Umphrey's McGee

Das Racist                                                                                                                  Dispatch

Yelawolf                                                                                                    Kendrick Lamar

Aziz Ansari 
Whaaaaa?! I get my own category. I'm gonna tweet this and update my Facebook status!!

Movie Review: The Vow

Context: The Vow is "inspired by true events" and founded upon the supposed to be romantic concept of a husband’s attempt to make his recently-awakened-from-a-coma wife refall in love. 

Only conveying half of that previously established back-story, the movie effectively engendered a comatose state among the audience, unintentionally the direct consequence of absolute boredom through the nearly TWO hours of film. 

The piece’s biggest flaw was the lack of an emotional climax ironically serving as the equivalent of flat-lining.

Apparent was the absence of any sort of chemistry between the two film’s stars which one could facetiously argue served to reinforce the notion of a romance forgotten. 

Despite the previously garnered critical acclaim for her role in the Notebook (considered in the canon of acceptable and tolerable cheesy romances) in which she portrays another memory-challenged character, the normally charismatic and charming Rachel McAdams failed to carry Tatum whose performance implied it was his brain cruelly victimized by a tragic accident. 

Given the slight parallels, it’s only appropriate to compare and contrast, leaving viewers to wonder how different it would have been if Gosling had been substituted.  

Conversely, their previous performance would undoubtedly cast an insurmountable shadow of unreachable expectations the weak writing and plot could not overcome. 

All I could ask for (besides a refund) is similar symptoms, desperately desiring the inability to remember watching this movie. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

CDs/Mixtapes Currently In My Rotation

Young Chris-The Revival

I was a fan of Chris when he was back with the Roc. I feel since he's messing round with Rico Love's label, he can make a comeback. He's one of the most underrated rappers in the game.
My Favorite Songs: Lay Low, S-Class, Off My Chest

Childish Gambino- Camp
Donald Glover is definitely talented! The "Community" actor has made a name for himself with this new album. He definitely reminds me a little of Kanye though, especially on the song "Heartbeat." He's not your typical actor turned rapper *cough cough Paris Hilton (wait is she even an actor?)*
My favorite songs: Bonfire, Firefly, You See Me

Currensy-Jet World Order
My boy Currensy puts together a compliation album with his Jet Life label mates. My only problem with this album is it feels like its not a complation album. Trademark and Young Roddy are on every song basically. He needs to feature my boy Mikey Rocks more on it
My Favorite Songs: 1st Place, Excellent, The Business

Bump J and DJ Drama- Chicagorilla
One day I woke up and said to myself, "What ever happened to Bump?" Then I realized that he's doing a bid for a bank robbery. This dude was the epitome of a real goon. Had a deal with def jam, music was on video games and he still out on 71st and Jeffery grinding. Bump is one of the realest artist out there, and I can't wait till he get back on these streets. With that being said...FREE BUMP...GOOOONNN SQUAAADDD
My Favorite Songs: None...I listen to them all

Monday, November 14, 2011

D-Day We Saw Coming

"NBA Lockout Over"

Although I eagerly anticipated typing the headline above for months, recent reports of the union disbanding have put that to an end for now. Not only is the 2011-2012 season in jeopardy but the next as well.

In a polarized society comprised of only Macs or PCs living in either red or blue and states, somehow the fans get caught in the middle of it all. I don't blame the players or the owners, I blame both.

I supported the league when a labor dispute shortened the season to 50 games in ’99. I continued to do so in the following years visiting league venues from LA to NY including ones in Phoenix, ATL, Toronto, Memphis, Chicago and Boston. This meant cheering at Grizzlies games before they unexpectedly got good.

This is how they pay me back? Excuse me for not wanting to hear from either side about lost revenue and missed paychecks especially considering the country’s current economic circumstance.

With the advancement of social media, why didn’t fans have more of a voice? If ticket-holders were teased with the possibility of calling plays in an NFL game, surely we should have had more input.

Offering excuses for their failure via Twitter responses is not enough to count as engagement.

"I am still recovering from surviving the post-apocalyptic era of a dynasty destroyed."

Typically, ‘Occupy’ movements have been a sign of solidarity by the self-identified “99%.” The exact opposite may happen. Although fans may stick together, it will be hard to think it will be in large masses filling arenas. Protests will appear through absence.

Ironically and possibly most appropriately Commissioner David Stern forecasts a “nuclear winter.”

As a life-long Bulls fan, I am still recovering from surviving the post-apocalyptic era of a dynasty destroyed. A period that resulted in the acquisitions of zombies John Starks, Hershey Hawkins, Ron Mercer and Eddie Robinson (who according to Wikipedia will be playing more games this season than most NBA favorites) albeit for the Halifax Rainmen of the National Basketball League of Canada. Yeah even that league is still around.

As a current Bulls fan, I am upset our superstar, last year’s MVP and son of the city will miss a year of his prime. (Beware...watching will engender an overwhelming sense of nostalgia)

I will be reminded repeatedly while tuning into college basketball (a viable alternative—more below). Listening to Jay Williams’ color commentary and analysis, I will have to relive the pain and suffering of more than just this season lost. Once again, our star point guard’s potential is unfully realized and while different, both are arguably equally unfortunate.

Both sides played "hardball" while keeping on the fans on the sidelines. This is where they just might be once (and if) things finally get resolved. Just like in the movie of the same name, I jumped on the emotional rollercoaster knowing there would be cliché ups and down.

At that time (I was like 12) I didn’t see *SPOILER ALERT* G-baby's death coming. Despite the heart wrenching tragedy, the Kekambas preserved and survived. I don’t know if the league will do the same.

P.S. Other Things to Watch


Most casual basketball fans may not even notice games have been cancelled until early February. The NFL like the NBA went through an extended lockout however UNLIKE it, the level of the league’s favor is off the charts.

College Basketball

Anticipating a canceled season, many prospective lottery picks (Sullinger—OSU, Barnes—UNC, Jones—Kentucky) at powerhouse programs stayed at school. Bball fans feenin for a fix will be get big league talent with scintillating story lines.


Recovering from an entire year of missed games, hockey has seen Original Six teams like the Hawks, Bruins and Red Wings hoist the Cup in recent memory. This revitalizes the markets in which they reside.


Marquee games from each respective sport are slowly making into primetime slots on major networks--a sign of their perceived potential growth in popularity.

Martin on DVD

Season 2 is my favorite. So many memorable clips and characters.